Stainless Steel

440C BS EN 10088-3


Stainless Grade 440C is a high carbon, straight chromium, high hardenability martensitic stainless steel. Grade 440C is generally supplied in the annealed condition and when hardened and tempered it is characterised by good corrosion resistance, extreme high strength, hardness, shock and wear resistance. Capable of being through hardened up to Rc60.

Grade 440C machines best in the annealed condition and welding is not advised in the H&T condition and if necessary in the annealed condition, professional advice should be sought.

Colour Code


Related Specifications

Steel Number Steel Name Grade UNS BS 970 1983
1.4125 X105CrMo17 440C S44004 -

Typical Chemical Analysis

C Mn Si Cr Ni P S Fe
.90/1.2 1.0max 1.0max 16/18 .75max .04max .030max Balance
pinkCircle pinkCircle pinkCircle pinkCircle pinkCircle
Rounds Rounds Rounds Rounds Rounds
(inch) (inch) (inch) (inch) (inch)
316 78 112 212 5
14 1 158 234 6
38 118 134 3 8
12 114 2 312 10
34 138 214 4

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